Thursday, November 20, 2014

Go Viral

Every musician longs to know how to go viral with their music.  It’s a completely creative process that is different every time.  The “magic” process is hard work.  It’s all about you, and the vital energy you put into your promotional outreach should be of the same intensity as the passion that you are putting into your music.  With that, there are a few core principles that can significantly help independent musicians.

Live in The "Now"

Rather than cripple yourself by thinking of how much you have to do before you can be successful in the future, focus on the now.  What can you start doing TODAY, right now, that will push you further towards your goal of success.  It’s great to be a dreamer.  I am one myself, but, when you think too far into the future it can become much like your same dream of winning the lottery.  The practical details get lost and we end up discouraged, defeated, and far more likely to quit. 
I get it, you want to get in Rolling Stone but, do you ignore the hundreds of independent publications who would be more willing to help you?  

Also, do you want to be signed to a label when you haven't even played outside of your circle of friends and family, advertised your social media, or made any press noise? While it’s completely fine to have an end goal, your primary focus should be on the steps to getting there and not the outcome.  Do you really want to get noticed in Rolling Stone?  Well, then look at all of the very small tasks you need to be taking care of to make that happen from advertising to search engine optimization to PR outreach, to radio, to licensing, and more.  Do all of this one step at a time and suddenly your path to success isn’t so overwhelming.  Don’t forget the reason you started this journey in the first place.  So yes, it takes a lot of work, but don’t become so overwhelmed with the final destination that you forget to enjoy the journey.  

Personalize, Ask for Advice

When you reach out to anyone, whether it be an industry professional, a company, a blogger, or anyone you respect, it is important to personalize your messages with genuine opinions on their work.  Save a draft e-mail as a template and adjust a few sentences every time.  Ask for their advice or expertise rather than asking for help.  Often with the advice will come a helping hand. Always stay humble. Don’t be needy.  Nothing is worse to someone who is busy with a million other offers on their table than a desperate beggar.  Be confident and show that you can stand on your own two feet. Mention that you want to learn and let your music speak for itself.  Not everyone has to love your music.  With time and effort the right people will want to lend a helping hand on your project.  

Music Scene

When you release your music professionally, you are a business owner.  You’re not just an artist.  Its critical that you get your mind out of the music scene by constantly keeping up with the business aspect of the music industry.  Remember that this is always changing so keep up with it by either hiring help or research, read books, etc.  This will give you ideas that you will never find within the indie artists sphere, and many more of them are more applicable than you’d realize.  Think outside the box. 

Get popular, Not Instantly Rich 

Be everywhere for everyone, regardless of income.  Music listeners have become increasingly segregated.  Some only discover new music through Rdio, Spotify, etc.  Some people browse iTunes or CDBaby.  Others look to underground music websites, music discovery platforms and torrent blogs.  Do not horde your music waiting for 99 cents. Popularity is the most critical goal for independent artists.  Money follows popularity.  Remember that.  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

No Such Thing as a Big Break

Yes, sorry to break it to you, but, there is no such thing as a “big break” in the idea that fame and success happen over night.  

Artists you are just hearing about have actually been around for years. 

Shocking, isn’t it?  Believe it or not, the artists who are on mainstream radio right now didn’t just start making music a week ago.  Most of the artists who create a big name for themselves have been doing their own thing for years-sometimes 5-10 years of performing independently.  No one “makes it” over night. 

A “big break” is actually a slow build

If the average artist truly understood this, they would take their day-to-day pursuits much more seriously.  Every big goal is the sum of a ton of small goals.  Exposure doesn’t just drop out of the sky for you.  It involves countless days of hard work. Even when you feel your small goals are too small, they’re not. Let one build upon the other and you’ll start to see things come together.  Your “big break” is a series of many small successes.  

It is all about who you know. 

Many artists hate the word “networking”.  I get it, it can be consuming and feel like you’re giving up on the idea of getting by with your pure talent.  But, how can you expect your talent to “break out” if the people holding the key to your door aren’t hearing what you’ve got?  You need to show up! These people need you just as much as you need them.  Remember this and believe in yourself.  With dedication and hard work your art will bloom. The right people will see this, and can help you get to the top.      

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Surviving The Music Biz

Wondering if there’s any secrets in the music biz?  Think maybe there’s something magical that will get you to the top?  Well, maybe there is...

You must know at least the basic rules to live by in order-to succeed at all in the music biz. 

The Basic Rules To Survive In The Music Business:
  1. A musical product that consists of at least a cover song.  An original song is great, but a cover song that is already being searched by fans means potential fans for you.  Just make sure you have your own original twist on the song.   The first 20 seconds of the song should be flawless in order to keep your listener interested in the rest of the song.  Imagine how easily you, yourself can flip through different artists/songs if you aren’t interested.  In order for someone to buy your music, they need to really be moved by you.  
  2. Drive.  Unending belief in yourself.  Most artists who are successful didn’t “make it” over night.  They committed to the long haul before the public even knew who they were. The chances of having huge success in the selling market are small, but if this is your dream, don’t let that stop you. The sooner you start the better, but it’s also never too late.  As Lou Rawls once said, Do what you believe in. If you believe in your music, then sooner-or-later the public will, too.”  
  3. Business savvy.  Most artists HATE acknowledging this.  They believe the idea of “business” and “artist” are complete opposites.  Just because you’re taking over the business side of your art doesn’t mean you’re “selling out” as an artist.  It means you’re being smart.  Constantly search for new ways to teach yourself about the music industry.  It changes all the time.  Keep up with seminars happening in your area and get yourself connected.  Learn about places like Pro Music Records.  Where you create the opportunity to have your music submitted and placed to multiple different labels, TV shows, etc. Check out  today to get yourself started on a new path to success.  Check out our twitter and Facebook to see updates on what we're looking for!