Thursday, March 19, 2015

#PMR Webisode - Pro Tips Episode 1 "Music Success In 9 Weeks"

Do you have an EP and/or album ready to be released but not sure where to get started? Pro Music Records and Media Entertainment is your best tool to market your EP/album in the most effective way. PMR is a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs that specializes in brand development. Our mission is to help create an image and brand identity for our clients as well as create buzz about their product or service.

Working with a PR company is a great way to help get your content out there in a timely manner. PMR has come up with a guide for you to follow in order to have a successful EP/Album release in 9 weeks. Check out the video and read our guidelines here:
  • Your press campaign starts 2 MONTHS before release.
  • You start with a single then blast SOCIAL MEDIA about it including your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • Create HASHTAGS and send a NEWSLETTER out to your fans announcing your special project.
  • Now 1 MONTH before your release, announce pre-sales and merch bundles and blast social media with the news.
  • TWO WEEKS before your release, don’t let your fans forget about your release!
  • Hold a contest to win a copy of your album through social media.
  • IT’S RELEASE DAY! The day we have been working for-create posts about your release on all platforms of social media and newsletters.
  • Update your social media profiles with news of, “album out now” and a link to buy your album.
  • ONE MONTH after release, keep your fans excited with an official music video release.
  • Also get your friends and family involved, ask them to write reviews on iTunes and get the word out on social media-yes, reviews play a big part in album sales. 
      These are our tips for music success in 9 weeks. Here at Pro Music Records, we can help you turn your dreams into reality.

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